Where do I find original content?

Your website is only going to be of interest to people or customers (new or existing) if the content is original and relevant.  For many businesses you have probably already got a broad arsenal of original content in such things as product flyers, sales collateral, white papers, product or service announcement documents, corporate portfolio (pictures, department profiles, organization structures, staff biographies, annual reports, etc.).


For Business Website

  1. Take a look at what you normally show to customers and see if this information can be used as content on your website.
  2. Talk to your marketing and communications staff and see what content they can provide.
  3. Look through your sales collateral and determine what can be put online.
  4. Talk to your suppliers and see if you can use some of the content that is on their site (always get permission even if you are an authorized distributor or reseller).
  5. Get staff to write their bios.
  6. Look through your press releases, annual reports, sales presentations, etc. to see what helps to tell customers about your products, services, vision, company, accomplishments, goals, roadmap, etc.
  7. Do you have an old website or social media page from which you can draw content?
  8. Hire someone to write content or to take photos.

For Personal Sites

  1. Look at your CV or personal journal to get ideas on where to source content.
  2. Talk to friends and family to see if they have information, stories and pictures you can use.
  3. Look at your Facebook and/or LinkedIn page (or other social networking sites that you are using) to see if something triggers your memory of content you can re-use or rewrite.

Word to the Wise

You must get permission before you can copying content from another source (even the Internet unless the website specifically says you can copy).  Websites, are copyright protected so if you copy something without permission this is a copyright violation.  Even if you rewrite / reword something it can be considered plagiarism. So be sure to cite your source if you’re taking ideas from someone else’s site or publication.