What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that is short for Search Engine Optimization.  For businesses who invest a lot of money and effort in their websites, SEO is a holy grail – trying to make sure that your website is always on the first page when people search the Internet for products, services or ‘things’ which you believe customers should visit your website (your business) to get more information.


Best Methods…

Before the Internet was around, companies would have advertising managers on staff or hire advertising firms who would pick the right media (newspaper, radio, TV, flyers, door-to-door, etc.) that would reach the highest number of people for the lowest cost.  In today’s Internet age, advertising managers and ad firms still do this work but now they have a new set of delivery methods to work with.  One of these new media methods is the Internet and an effective SEO campaign can yield high results (number of people who will see your website or advertisement) for the lowest advertising spend.

Google, Bing, Yahoo…

Because of the potential high payback that can be achieved if your website shows up all the time on page one in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., there are a lot of businesses who will approach you and claim to be SEO experts.

The best way is to get the companies who have SEO have expertise and ask them some very important questions:

  1. Talk to their existing customers and ask if they have received value for money.
  2. Get some client references and then do your own searching to see if the client’s pages come up on page one of the search results.
  3. Pay for results not for promises.  Tie a bonus or final payment to results (see #4 and #5 below).
  4. Do your own searches and see what and who of your competitors is appearing on page one and then use this as a benchmark for before and after.
  5. Can the SEO expert explain clearly to you what they need from you to help ensure you will get the best results (i.e. do they know their business and can they tell you clearly how your business will benefit).
  6. Talk to your partners or suppliers and ask them what they did or who they used to achieve better SEO results.

Ask Questions…

There are thousands upon thousands of SEO experts available.  Talk to local businesses that specialize in SEO.  With a local company you can knock on their door, meet them face-to-face, and they can see your business first hand.  If they understand your business and needs then you will certainly have a significantly higher success rate than from someone who you only talk to on Skype or by email.

Talk to the SEO experts at Rapidpage and let their results and experts demonstrate to you their abilities in this field.